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This is your portable "flyfishing" kit - literally a kit that allows you to fish a fly. The gear will equip you to capture a fly alive and store it in a tiny bottle for later handling, with ease and convenience, even hygienically.


One tiny bit of sugar water, honey, fish food or dead meat will attract the flies to go into the compartment of the box; plus the color blue is the most attractive color to flies, according to scientific researches. The attracted fly will be trapped when you trigger the Snapshut mechanism, which is safe and easy to setup and functions in a way similar to a fishing rod. Simply stretch the opening of the trap on a flat surface like a hardback book and connect the string to a rod and you're ready to go!


If you don't live by the ocean or a river, this may be your best alternative for making your day at a campsite. Show your friends what you've caught; feed your chameleon or your carnivorous plant with the freshly captured fruitflies you bring back from the riverside or a hill. If you do live by a river but are out of baits for fishing, don't be desperate, just fish a fly as your bait for your fishing a fish.


Maintenance of the box is easy. The main compartment can be taken apart and rinsed under a water tap to clean. Bottle, string, Blu-Tack and extra rubberbands are provided in the set but could also be obtained at your household. You may also opt to include extra bottles for storage in your package. Simply shake the captured fly and open the lid to let the dizzy fly join the others in a larger bottle without flying away. Longer bottles allow more air to be kept inside, keeping the flies active. The kit also enables you to wrap a plastic film on top of the bottle so you could poke holes in the film to let air flow.


Go fish a fly now!


Color: Light Blue

Package also includes: a ceramic fly, mini plastic container for storage, string, Blu-Tack & rubberbands


Ship internationally from Hong Kong.

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  • Some species of flies can be extremely dirty. If you contact with them directly, wash your hands thoroughly before having a meal or contacting your eyes with your hands. Do NOT use the kit for fishing flies near faeces or garbage. Always sterilize your hands and the parts of the kit after using it.

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