C.S. Trainers for Coin Rollout Flourish


~US$2.5 for a set of 4 half dollar sized C.S. trainers - your best friend for learning the flash rollout as well as other rollout flourishes.


The first impression of picking them up would be like "I give up", but when you use them to train yourself and occasionally switch to real coins, you'll start to experience the growth in strength and agility in your fingers. The participants in my pioneering tests gave the feedback that as if the plastic chips possess their own personality and would only cooperate when the testees do the right moves, thus, reinforcing accuracy and strength in users' muscle memory.


The majority of positive feedback was given by magicians who had already acquired some rollout moves to some degree but wished to improve speed and precision over time. So if you're learning the moves and would like to aim for perfection, C.S. Trainers are a match for you. 


Ship internationally from Hong Kong by air mail (without tracking).