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3D Tetris in a pill bottle! Takeaway Blokus 3D in your pocket!


Shake them out and spend an hour with a pair of tweezers. Kill the morning; kill the afternoon; kill the night! Kill the blocks; defrag them with your delicate hands and brilliant mind.


Or just leave it there on your bookshelf and let inspirations come.


Package includes a mini pill bottle and 21 nano-bricks of different shapes. Ship internationally from Hong Kong.


Testimonies from redditors:


"When you fit the last piece in, it starts beeping. slowly and softly at first, but growing louder and faster. The blocks appear to melt together and turn molten hot red. For a fraction of a moment, everything gets violently sucked towards the imploding gas bottle, and then everything blasts outward, a nuclear explosion expanding in fiery fury, destroying anything in a 20 mile radius."


"How did you get them to stop disappearing when you finished a layer?"


"You sir, have the patience of a saint."


"People should absolutely be informed of how devastating something like this can really be for the surrounding area. I don't know if you should feel proud for such a feat of physics and engineering, or commit suicide for bringing such a horror into the world."


"Easiest 'guess how many in the jar' ever!"

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  • I think I don't have to remind intelligent beings like you but - keep the item away from toddlers. Treat it as a pill bottle with real pills because the blocks are NOT meant to be swallowed.


    Don't give it to any child who doesn't like to think. It could be considered as child abuse.

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